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Who We Are

It's not about what you build, it's about why you build it

Working at Cruz means bringing construction expertise and an innovative mindset to our job sites and our offices each and every day. We are inspired, creative, and entrepreneurial. We work hard, we play hard, and most importantly, we define our success through the impact our projects make on the lives of our clients and the legacies they represent. 

Our story

Cruz Construction is a next generation minority owned business started by three college friends from Notre Dame: Edwar Luengas-Cruz, Nic Michuda, and Tony Michuda. Our founder, Edwar Luengas-Cruz, envisioned a company built around a culture to support and promote opportunities for minorities.


With a family business spanning 5 generations in construction, Nic and Tony Michuda saw a perfect fit towards helping Edwar's vision become a reality. Their great great grandfather, Leo and Tony Michuda immigrated to the US from Slovakia in 1915 and started Michuda Brother's Construction. 4 generations later, now Michuda Construction, has become a nationally respected general contractor and developer.


With innovation and entrepreneurship in their blood, Tony and Nic co-founded Cruz Construction under a mentor-protege program. In mentorship with their family business, they are combining over 100 years of success in construction with a mission and vision to create opportunities for future legacies to honor their family's start as immigrants themselves. 

Meet the founders

Our People

Cruz Management Group believes that one of the key drivers of quality is ensuring that our professionals have the appropriate skills and experience, passion, and purpose, as well as innovative minds to deliver on our vision. This requires recruitment, development, promotion, retention and assignment of diverse professionals.


Our goal is to foster a culture of inclusivity. Being inclusive enables us to bring together successful teams with the broadest range of skills, experiences, and perspectives – teams that then bring their best to our clients. We believe that a focus on building an inclusive culture enhances our service delivery, but more importantly who we are as human beings.

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