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Park Ridge, IL

Delivery Method

CM at Risk


Advocate Health

Project Profile

In the heart of Advocate Health's commitment to excellence, the transformation of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Suite stands as a testament to Cruz Construction’s prowess in healthcare facility renovations. This ambitious project involved a comprehensive renovation of an 11,490-square-foot suite within an occupied hospital, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for innovative construction techniques.

Project Overview
The renovation was meticulously planned and executed in five distinct phases, focusing on enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of critical areas including the staff lounge, conference room, family waiting area, offices, and the ICU suite itself. Each phase was designed to minimize disruption to the hospital’s ongoing operations, ensuring that patient care continued unhindered.

Technical Challenges and Solutions
A cornerstone of this project was the high-precision plumbing work required in the surgical operating suite, demanding flawless execution in a sterile environment. Additionally, the project team faced the intricate task of replacing a significant skylight structure in phases. These challenges were met with advanced planning and execution strategies that underscored Cruz Construction's ability to handle complex scenarios in sensitive environments.

Impact and Future Vision
Today, the renovated Surgical Intensive Care Unit Suite is a beacon of innovation and quality in healthcare construction. It exemplifies how strategic collaboration and a commitment to excellence can lead to transformative outcomes that enhance patient care, improve staff working conditions, and redefine industry benchmarks. Cruz Construction is proud to have led this project, reflecting our dedication to advancing healthcare environments through thoughtful and efficient construction practices.

This project not only signifies a milestone in healthcare construction but also reinforces Cruz Construction's role as a leader in developing future-oriented healthcare spaces that prioritize safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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