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Project Planning

Finding and addressing problems before you start your project is critical to project delivery and completion on time and on budget.  From value engineering to push pull planning, our team has the knowledge and track record to successful pre-construction and project launches. 


In any project, we want our owners to focus on what matters most during the build out of their projects. At Cruz, our approach to design build fosters optimized risk mitigation strategies to bolster the success and completion of projects via design-build. 

Integrated Project Delivery

Communication and collaboration amongst project owners, the architects, and general contractor is paramount to a successful project launch through to completion. Our team amplifies a collaborative environment towards staying on time and on budget. 

CM at Risk

As a consultant to owners, we work with you to understand your goals and priorities while 

establishing a guaranteed maximum price for your project. As a CM at Risk, our commitment is to keep these projects on time and kicked off with a budget you can rely on. 

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